Retailers must maximise customer experience at all touch points, industry experts warn

Retailers must be prepared to maximise the customer experience at all possible touch points in the multi-channel era where 72% of the UK population owns a smartphone and 50% use them to make purchases, experts warn.

Maximising customer engagement across all channels is poised to play a key part of the 2013 Internet Retailing Conference, with a closing keynote from Peter Fitzgerald, country retail director at Google UK. Fitzgerald is scheduled to offer stimulating and challenging ideas on retailing tomorrow and explore what will be best practice and common practice in coming years.

With just over a month until the conference, Fitzgerald believes while mobile should be a key focus in the five-year plan of retailers, they need to ensure they are putting their customers first and working hard to get them the products and services they want at the right time regardless of touch point.

Speaking ahead of the conference, he said: “We, as consumers, always have the internet at our fingertips for price checks, product reviews and additional product range choice, therefore businesses that have seamless touch points across channels and devices will win and win big.

“Companies that use data to customise to the needs of individuals make shopping more fun and relevant for them will lead the pack.”

Andrew Fowler of event sponsor, Apptus Technologies, said: “To ensure online success, retailers need to make sure they are fully optimising their online opportunities and using the mass amount of data available to them to provide customers with a personal and relevant experience that not only gives them what they want and enhances their shopping experience, but converts sales.”

As part of the multi-channel programme, an expert panel discussion will take place to explore the reality of businesses going mobile and its role in the industry with debate from the leaders of Shop Direct, Argos and LivingSocial and exclusive research from YouGov.

The Internet Retailing Conference takes place on 16 October 2013 at the Novotel in Hammersmith, London.

The conference is in its eighth year and will attract over 500 delegates and 45 exhibitors who will gather to learn about ‘The New Basics’ of retail and what the future could hold for the industry.

There will be three themes for the conference, with industry experts sharing their knowledge of The Customer, The Business and The Industry as well as a further eight free workshops.