Retailers must not alienate non-football fans during this prime trading season, says Amplience


As sporting events clashed in this morning’s news – Wimbledon officials say that Murray Mound won’t screen any World Cup matches, even if England make it to the final.

With Froome and Murray dramas also hitting the front pages, retailers could be forgiven for having their attention divided. But they will need to respond with agility and speed to make the most of the sporting summer, says Craig Smith, VP of customer success at retail tech firm Amplience.

“The World Cup may be a key event for most people, but retailers must not alienate non-football fans during this prime trading season. This is especially true for food, drink, electronics and sportswear brands. Statista predicts that in these sectors alone, tills could ring to the tune of a combined 1,537 million GBP – or even 2,233 million GBP if England make it to the finals.

“Promoting World Cup merchandise is important but retailers do not want to be making bets on match results and outcomes, and throwing the lot at association with national success for example, when England fail to deliver it.

“To avoid foot-in-mouth content like this, brands need to be able to quickly adapt their content and capitalise on the stories, subjects and themes arising as the tournament unravels, At the same time, retailers should prepare for alternative content that cater to other shoppers’ interests. For example, Pimm’s and strawberries are a favourite at Wimbledon tennis, and sportswear brands can replace Harry Kane with Chris Froome as Tour de France fever hits the nation.

“Agile content production can even help retailers to make the most of the situation by repurposing offers for products already in store. By changing the ‘skin’ on a promotion from England Lions to tennis whites, retailers can make sure that their best-buys promotion still pays off.”