Retailers should make it easier for customers to give feedback, survey shows

Struggling UK retailers could save millions of pounds from lost custom if they asked their customers for feedback at the point of service, a survey has found. 
A poll of 2,000 Brits found over half would be more likely to return to a shop where they received bad service as long as they’d been given the chance to talk about their experience. 
Additionally, half of people who have ever shared a negative comment online on websites such as Facebook and Twitter said they would be deterred from sharing their story online if they had the opportunity to raise their concerns directly.
Customer First Solutions, who has recorded a sharp rise in customers engaging with in-store feedback devices over the last three years, has found customers increasingly keen to engage with retailers when given the opportunity and says this could have a significant impact on their bottom line.
Managing director of Customer First Solutions, Helen Dargie, said: “We weren’t surprised to find customers would refrain from posting a bad comment or details of a bad retail experience if they were given the chance to feedback their frustrations directly to the establishment.”
“Of course, the ideal situation is to provide great service, all of the time, but you can’t know if your customers are unhappy unless you ask them. Only then can you rectify the situation with them immediately and learn from their experiences to improve service for the next person.”
But businesses should keep it short and sweet when asking customers to review the service they’d received, said researchers. The poll, which asked customers for reasons that would stop them reviewing customer service, found over half of Brits would be put off by time consuming feedback questionnaires and websites. 
Customers also revealed they are impressed by businesses who make it really easy for me to feedback on the customer service I receive. 
Dargie said: “While many businesses are finding budgets tightening, developing a loyal customer base can have a huge impact on their ability to survive a tough economic climate. We’ve worked with businesses for over 10 years and have seen their customer base grow as a result of simply asking for feedback.”
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