Which retailers will be the big winners this Black Friday?

This huge savings event kicks off in earnest on 24 November, and is promising to break all sorts of records in terms of the amount spent by British consumers. Despite an ailing economy and the distinct lack of real wage growth nationwide, last year saw Brits spend a record £.5.8 billion over the four-day sales weekend, representing a 15% on 2015’s figures. So, while the economic climate has not improved and arguably worsened since, consumers are set to spend heavily in pursuit of the best deals and discounts.

Not all Black Fridays are created equal, however, and this one could yet prove unique for a number of reasons. In this post, we’ll look at the most likely winners and ask which brands will turnover the most during the most chaotic period of the retail year?


Let’s start with Amazon, which is not only the largest online retailer in the UK but has also adopted a proactive approach to gaining a competitive advantage over its rivals this year.

More specifically, Amazon has led a number of retailers who have released several eye-catching Black Friday deals early, capturing the attention of consumers with significant discounts on big-ticket items such as smartphones, TVs and other electricals. These are discounts that would have been applied over the Black Friday weekend anyway, so Amazon is simply releasing its promotions early so that it can corner large swathes of the consumer market before its competitors have a chance to respond.

This is great news for both customers and investors alike, particular those who like to trade shares through CFDs. Remember, Amazon’s share price is likely to peak during the next few days as its strategy begins to yield dividends, creating an opportunity for traders to sell stocks at a profit.

Marks & Spencer

It’s fair to say that Marks & Spencer has never fully embraced Black Friday, with a half-hearted participation in last years’ event embodying this approach.

This may be set the change this year as, while the brand remain tight-lipped on the type and scale or promotions it is set to feature, it has at least confirmed its intention to participate in 2017 and slash prices across the entire Black Friday weekend.

Even though its online sales page contains minimal information, we predict that M&S will launch some huge discounts in the days to come, with up to 50% its trademark clothing and beauty items. With a thriving home section, the brand may also heavily discounts big-ticket items such as sofas and beds, as it looks to drive customers in-store and encourage them to shop online.

Regardless, we expect a great deal of anticipation surrounding M&S this Black Friday, and this could help the brand to emerge as one of the weekend’s big winners.


While John Lewis was largely thought to be the biggest winner from Black Friday 2016, electrical giant Currys was not far behind. In fact, the brand reported that more than 500,000 customers had visited its website before 6am on the morning of Black Friday, with orders up by a staggering 40% in comparison with 2015,

With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that Currys is taking an aggressive approach to ensure that it achieves similar success this time around. It has already followed Amazon’s example by launching a series of enticing, ‘Why Wait?’ Black Friday promotions, with a core focus on 4K TVs, high-end laptops and similarly expensive items of technology.

These are likely to generate huge interest and revenues, even before the Black Friday weekend officially starts. With further deals expected and discounts of between 20% and 50% available on selected, big-ticket electricals, this could be a year where Currys beats all of its competitors and emerges Black Friday’s big winner.

(A Retail Times’ sponsored article)