RichRelevance launches Relevance Cloud to deliver personalised customer experiences for mobile, web and store

RichRelevance, a global leader in omni-channel personalisation, has unveiled the Relevance Cloud, a personalisation solution for retail. Delivered as a scalable, secure service, the Relevance Cloud combines all the core personalisation capabilities marketers need to deliver a winning customer experience in today’s complex, mobile-first retail environment, the company reports.
“Personalisation is core to the customer experience, bringing together customer, product and context into a unified marketing engagement,” said David Selinger, CEO of RichRelevance. “The Relevance Cloud puts nearly a decade of data sciences and personalisation innovation into the hands of marketers so they can bring existing programs into lockstep and create entirely new customer experiences. The Relevance Cloud manages the heavy lifting so that retailers can focus on what they do best: designing differentiated experiences that speak to shoppers based on who they are.”
The customer experience imperative
According to Gartner, “the changing preferences and expectations of the connected consumer and increasingly competitive markets mean that customer experience is often marketers’ top strategic weapon for driving brand preference, loyalty and advocacy.” A full 89% of companies plan to compete primarily on the basis of the customer experience by 2016.
“Customers have come to expect a personalised experience. Digital content has become an enabler of personalisation across all channels and all types of buyers,” said Penny Gillespie, research director at Gartner. “Buyers’ expectations increase with every great experience they encounter – they will expect the same high standards from their next experience. The key takeaway is that personalisation offers a real competitive advantage and is a tool for promoting customer engagement but should be exercised with caution, maintaining customer privacy and keeping information in context.”
To support this top initiative, marketing leaders are investing heavily in technologies that prioritise customer experience. The average enterprise runs over 30 systems and the amount of data generated will grow 20x in the next 5 years. More data and systems bring greater integration challenges and costs – and ultimately less ability to coordinate data around the customer.
The result is that consumers are jarred daily by disjointed experiences that stem from point and channel-locked solutions and siloed data sources – and marketers see diminishing returns.
The Relevance Cloud Created by the team who has instrumented personalisation experiences on more than 200 leading retailer customer sites, the Relevance Cloud advances service-oriented architectures to synthesise customer, product, content and contextual shopping information in real time and make intelligent services available to any application. 
Core products include:
•Discover – Search & Browse Personalisation
•Engage – Content Personalisation
•Recommend – Product Personalisation
•Build – API-based services for personalisation innovation
As mobility continues to drive shopper expectations, these services engage shoppers across all customer touchpoints, whether they are online, on the go, or in store.
“Providing an unparalleled customer experience both in store and across our digital properties is an integral part of Barneys New York,” said Matthew Woolsey, executive vice president, digital at Barneys New York. “RichRelevance has enabled us to utilise our customer data to craft new and unique digital experiences which engage shoppers on our website, on their mobile and tablet devices and in the physical stores. We are excited to unveil some of our newest innovations alongside RichRelevance at the NRF Big Show.”