Rise in temperature boosts UK soft drinks market in 2013, British Soft Drinks Association reports

The warm summer of 2013 boosted sales of soft drinks, according to the 2014 UK Soft Drinks Report Creating new choices, published by the British Soft Drinks Association today.

Despite the tough economic climate 2013 confirmed warm, sunny weather remains the single most effective driver of soft drinks consumption with the heatwave in July helping to increase bottled water sales by 10.4%.

The good weather also had a positive impact on the industry overall.  Retail value of the soft drinks industry rose by 4.1% in 2013 to £15.6bn. Overall volumes were up 2%, to more than 14.5bn litres.

Aside from bottled water, still and juice drinks and energy drinks stand out as the winners from 2013 with 6.2% and 5.1% increases respectively. Despite being a good year overall for soft drinks sales of fruit juice and sports drinks continued to fall.

The soft drinks industry continues to lead the way in providing choices for health-conscious consumers with low calorie and no added soft drinks making up 61% of the market in 2013, while drinks containing added sugar represent 39%.

Gavin Partington, BSDA director general, said: “Last year’s sales increase, buoyed by some much needed warm, sunny weather should serve as a reminder that this sector continues to provide opportunities for growth. However, product innovation has also been key to this sector’s success. By investing in new product development, reformulation and smaller portion sizes our sector continues to lead the way in providing more choices for health-conscious consumers.”