River Island and Rocks TV launch international home delivery service from DPD


River Island and Rocks TV have signed up to a new international home delivery service from DPD.

DPD Direct – a dedicated B2C home delivery service – will deliver these and other retailers’ parcels to the 12 largest international markets for UK e-tailors including the USA, Australia and a host of European countries.

DPD Direct is claimed to simplify all the customs and duty issues for retailers, provides a full tracking and returns service and generates in-country notifications for recipients, in their own language.

Key features of DPD Direct include:

  • Simple pricing structure – without the need for complex volumetric charges
  • Despatch to receipt tracking service – DPD Direct enables e-tailers to track each parcel at every stage of its outbound journey and final confirmation of delivery
  • Local delivery expertise – established home delivery network within each local country means that international customers receive the best possible service and expertise
  • Fast customs clearance – all customs requirements are taken care of to ensure parcels receive express customs clearance, negating the requirement to produce accompanying invoices
  • Parcels delivered Duty paid – ensures an efficient and quick passage through customs
  • In country notifications – the recipient will be sent an email notification about their parcel, in their own language

Dwain McDonald, DPD’s CEO, said: “UK brands are in demand worldwide and UK e-tailers are in a fantastic position to exploit these key markets. However, historically, global shipping has been expensive and often complicated by delivery delays due to customs and excise and, as a result many UK based e-tailers have been reluctant to target overseas customers. Our mission is to help retailers break down the barriers to growth in e-commerce and DPD Direct gives e-tailors a fast, cost-effective solution to the challenge of international home delivery.

“Delivery costs and options are key factors in determining the overall price and attractiveness of online goods. DPD Direct has been developed to increase the appeal of cross border commerce through a competitive, transparent pricing structure, the security of a full tracking service and streamlining the customs requirements. Through DPD Direct our aim is to make it as easy for UK e-tailers to sell to customers living in Sydney as Southampton.”