Rod & Ben’s adds two flavours to award-winning soup range and ties with The Well Hung Meat Company

In these more health-conscious times, there’s no question that the very best chilled soups enjoy all-year-round appeal and yet it’s still autumn, with the timely return of darkness, dampness and cold, biting winds when we’re reminded of soup’s role as the ultimate, ‘smile inducing’ body warmer. Whatever your personal flavour preferences, there’s always a heart-warming soup to put an extra skip in your step during the chillier months.

This September sees Rod & Ben’s adding two more full-bodied flavours to its respected award-winning repertoire, one ‘time-honoured classic’ and one ‘bold with a contemporary twist offering,’ that showcase soup’s versatile nature.

A hearty leek, bacon and potato

Although Bickham Farm continues to be the organic engine room at the very heart of the Rod & Ben’s success story, on this occasion they’ll be ably assisted by one of Devon’s most aspirational artisan operations, The Well Hung Meat Company with its enviable reputation for providing only the very best top quality, high provenance meats to accompany Roddy’s home-grown leeks.

According to Roddy, “We know that today’s soups come in many shapes and sizes from vegan, lactose-free and chunky to ‘home spun’ and ‘exotic influences’ but we really wanted to remind the soup-loving community that our specialist subject is ‘healthy yet hearty. We’ve wanted to join forces with our Well Hung, Devon neighbours for quite some while –packs will be jointly branded – because everyone’s only too aware that soups with high protein footprints are the nation’s best sellers.”

A head-turning beetroot, cumin and fennel

It’s fair to suggest that beetroot and fennel are two rather polarizing flavours that don’t take any prisoners. And yet, working in tandem with cumin and its warm, earthy disposition something rather magical takes place, showcasing this genial, well-rounded purple veg in an altogether more captivating light.  Lest we forget beetroot, a near neighbour of spinach is a mercurial super ingredient in its own right, jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, fibre and anti-oxidants (yet low in fat) with a blossoming reputation within the medical fraternity for aiding the human liver and intestinal tract, encouraging white blood cell development and significantly reducing cholesterol & blood pressure.

In essence we think beetroot deserves another chance to show its versatility beyond a well-stocked salad or salsa, because it’s an honest, well-meaning veg with so much more to give.