Rod & Ben’s launches ‘perfectly proportioned’ organic puds

Food enthusiasts with a good grasp of the flourishing independent SW food scene will be only too aware that soup supremo Rod & Ben’s has been gradually expanding its organic horizons; initially into vegetable bouillon, and one-stop stew-in-pots and latterly dips, sauces and spreads.

With this in mind, an early 2017 push into ‘perfectly proportioned’ organic puds made complete sense, providing a well-deserved break from the battalions of well-intentioned organic yogurts on offer whilst tapping into the blossoming business’s unswerving commitment to honest, tasty and organic.

  • A tangy Lemon Posset,
  • A Lemon Posset adorned with a zingy berry topping
  • A Magnificently mischievous Choc Pot

All three puds with their well-rounded flavours use only the very finest West Country double cream. In those instances where Tim & Roddy’s are forced to source further afield (e.g. Sicilian lemon oil), best-in-class is the only guiding influence.

Rod & Ben’s managing director Tim Wigram said: “A key strand of our longer-term thinking is to broaden our appetite appeal whilst building upon our ‘one pot’ prowess. Whilst the winter months are very much a matter of all hands to the ladle (keeping up with our organic soup orders), there’s still a little scope to expand our appeal during the Spring and Summer seasons.’ Besides that is the simple, unavoidable truth that Roddy & I both adore a proper pud!”