ROIDMI launches premium RS70 cordless vacuum cleaner – one-stop solution for all cleaning needs

Pioneering cordless vacuum cleaner brand, ROIDMI, is shaking up the premium floorcare market with its new flagship RS70 model. The brand’s premium model comes with a five-year motor guarantee as standard, with a two-year warranty on the battery, and is testament to the innovative and sleek design and forward-thinking technology that ROIDMI has continued to disrupt the market with. 

Superior in its cleaning ability as well as versatility, the RS70 offers proven antiviral/antibacterial technology, combines a sleek Scandinavian-inspired design, and is easily adaptable from hardwood floors to carpeted floors with its innovative clip-on water tank for wet-wiping. Building on its predecessor model, the RS60, ROIDMI’s new vacuum has even more power, longer run times (80 minutes), a dynamic OLED-display, and six-level air-purifier filtration and antibacterial coating of floors on just one charge.  

RS70 users have the option to connect to the integrated app through smart devices via Bluetooth and access information about battery capacity and battery health, cleaning time, remaining dust bin capacity, filter element condition, and calories burnt during cleaning.  

Multi-floor cleaning 
The RS70 allows users to switch between vacuuming and mopping with its water reservoir attachment which includes an ionic antibacterial coating to reduce potential mould growth in the reservoir tank. These features, coupled with the new battery offering an extended run time of up to 80 minutes, make the RS70 the ideal vacuum to use for cleaning the whole house in one go. 

Easily adaptable for going from carpeted rooms to those with hard floors, due to the attachable motorised mop head, and the soft roller V-brush suitable for all floor types, the ROIDMI RS70 is the ideal all-in-one cleaning device. The rotating electric dual-mopping brush uses smart chip technology to manage water seeping to keep the mop moist, but not wet, and with a wet wiping speed of 200rpm or 10m/min, the RS70 will remove even dried stains and spills.   

Antiviral technology 
The RS70 encompasses innovative and forward-thinking technology which builds on the proven antimicrobial and antiviral properties incorporated in the RS60. The RS70 includes a patented ZiWei Novoron ION antibacterial sterilising system within the brush roller, dust separator and filter system to help eliminate bacteria and other biological pathogens on contact (NCBI white paper). ZiWei technology is a joint venture between ROIDMI Labs and two Japanese tech-giants, Toagosei, and Toray, and is the result of three years of research and development.

Light and long-lasting  
At just 2.7kg, the RS70 is extremely lightweight and can be used as a stick cleaner, handheld vacuum, or with its flexible hose. The powered mini brush is ideal for carpeted floors, as well as upholstery and beds, and the wireless magnetic charger allows the user to place the vacuum in its wall mount to recharge. With the charging time at 2.5 hours and a run time of 80 minutes, the potent suction power of 150W at max level positions the RS70 as one of the leading multi-purpose home vacuum cleaners. 

Accessories, guarantee, availability  
The wall mounted dock comes with a peel-back sticky pad or can be mounted to trickier surfaces with screw fixings as required. Each RS70 comes supplied with a selection of tools and accessories including the main floorhead and magnetic detachable water tank module, powered mini brush tool (mattress brush), crevice tool, dusting brush, extension tube, extension hose and pet brush. The machine is complete with washable microfibre pad for wet cleaning, washable filters and a floorhead cleaning brush.  

The ROIDMI RS70 is available from September.