Rombouts Coffee unveils world’s first home compostable one cup filters


Rombouts is unveiling brand-new home compostable filters across its One Cup Filter Coffee range – the first of its kind in the world.

Each pack contains 10 one cup filter coffees made from bagasse – a by-product of natural sugar cane production, natural filter paper and filled with premium quality, pure ground coffee. The lid is made of the same home compostable material, with the inner film, essential to ensure the freshness of the product, being fully recyclable and the outer packaging is recyclable card.

The filters, which are TUV Austria approved for home composting “are game-changing for the filter coffee sector,” explains Rombouts’ sales director, Simon Remmer. “Removing the plastic will save 170 tonnes of plastic annually which is around the weight of a jumbo jet.”

One Cup Filter Coffees straddle two categories: Roast & Ground Coffee and Coffee Pods. Both categories are in growth of on average 6.9%, combined with research indicating ethical credentials are one of the most important factors influencing purchase “will ensure Rombouts is a sustainable brand for the future as we work towards stopping manufacturing plastic one cup filters by the end of this year,” says Remmer.

Remmer continues: “With more people spending time at home than ever before, offering them a quick and easy way to make a quality cup of real coffee is a no-brainer. But at the same time, we can’t shy away from the coffee industry’s impact on packaging waste, particularly as it remains the second most consumed drink in the UK, after water. We are a family company and feel a strong sense of responsibility to help protect the environment for future generations.

“Using our 120+ years of experience, we have found an innovative way to help tackle this issue whilst still protecting the flavours and aromas of our coffee that consumers know and love. We are confident this new range will not only be a great hit with existing Rombouts shoppers, but attract the growing number of people who are looking for a sustainable way to enjoy a greener cup of coffee.”

Coinciding with the launch is a wave of marketing activity which kicks-off this month including advertising, sampling, digital, social and PR activity to reach mainstream shoppers across the UK.

Rombouts new One Cup Filter Coffee in Original (RRP: £3.39) is currently available from Tesco (nationwide) and Booths, and will roll out to more major retailers throughout the year.