RSPCA ties with content marketing platform, bigDL to deploy beacon technology

Leading animal welfare charity, RSPCA, claims it is set to transform the way people engage with charitable organisations after announcing a new partnership with the new content marketing platform Big Deals Local (bigDL).

In an industry first for the charity sector, beacon technology supplied by bigDL, is a step to driving awareness and messaging passers-by by inviting them to pledge their support at the touch of a button via the app. The platform will also enable them to discover the latest news on events from the charity and in the longer term will also support RSPCA shops.

This end to end marketing platform, which is set for a full launch to consumers shortly, is already working with high street retailers to collate deals, reach consumers and enable access to the latest deals, events and exclusive offers. The platform will provide the RSPCA with a new communications channel to reach and directly engage with a network of digitally aware volunteers, shoppers and givers.

The bigDL experience gives people a convenient and flexible way to see the charity’s latest news, fundraising events and campaign drives and will soon allow bigDL members to make charitable donations through the app.

Kat Litchfield, from RSPCA’s fundraising team, said: “We are very much looking forward to working with bigDL and starting to utilise their innovative technology to help build support for our work and tell a wider audience about our events and offers. This is a true technological step forward and we’re delighted that bigDL are sharing this opportunity with us. There are so many ways we can use their technology and it will truly revolutionise the way we communicate with our supporters.”

Matt Norbury, CEO bigDL, said: “We’re pleased to announce our partnership with the RSPCA, they are a fantastic organisation and we hope to actively support them in the work they do promoting animal welfare. By modernising their approach to campaigning through our platform, we’re aiming to help them achieve their goals in raising awareness, fundraising and even volunteer recruitment. At bigDL we are committed to revolutionising the market for shoppers, merchants, charities and consumers.”