Rude Health announces B Corp certification

Market leading Dairy-free Drinks and cereals brand Rude Health has just achieved B Corp status. After sixteen years of doing business the bright way and three months of rigorous testing by B Corp, Rude Health is now accredited as a business that balances people, planet and profit, with a score of 84.1 out of 200.  Achieving B Corp status enables Rude Health to formalise and strengthen their ‘business done bright’ approach to working, which ensures that long-lasting relationships and a no compromise approach to quality and flavour remain at the business’s core. This approach has been at the heart of decisions around sourcing, packaging and work culture since Rude Health started at Nick and Camilla’s kitchen table 16 years ago. Rude Health performed exceptionally well in areas including workers and environment. 

Co-founder and brand director Camilla Barnard comments: “Being a B Corp is a brilliant way of contextualising, recognising and celebrating how we do business. We call it “the bright way” and it covers everything from choosing high quality ingredients such as Sicilian almonds for their superior flavour and excellent environmental credentials, through to offering enhanced parental leave, using 100% renewable electricity in our office, making our Dairy-Free drinks packaging from88% renewable materials using bioplastics from sustainable sugar canes and donating 5% of our profits to charity. It will also support us as we make new choices and push for an even brighter way of doing business”. Rude Health is a team of 45 glass-half-fullers, based in London and Amsterdam, selling a range of over 70 foods and drinks in 45 countries worldwide. Their mission is: ‘To make the healthy choice a celebration. Not a sacrifice. We aim to leave the planet, our team and everyone who eats and drinks our food in ruder health.’