Russian retailers explored in Food Retailing in Russia 2011 report

New Russia report

New Russia report

Food Retail Russia has released a report on the Russian grocery market, called Food Retailing in Russia 2011.

According to researchers, Russia is increasingly a consumer society where people shop in modern supermarkets for packaged prepared foods, just as they do in the West.

Russia’s leading retailer X5, for example, operates 1,232 soft discounters, 289 supermarkets, 65 hypermarkets and 44 convenience stores. Its takeover of Kopeika at the end of 2010 will increase selling space by 25%, it says.

In Moscow – a city of 10m people – X5 has achieved around 25% of the market although new trading laws prohibit further expansion in the city.

The Food Retailing in Russia 2011 is pitched as an introduction to the Russian market. It includes details of the retail chains, which are transforming shopping habits throughout Russia and background information on the Russian shopper and the less developed parts of the food market.