Russia’s top health foods retailer, VkusVill, launches hot meals delivery

VkusVill, Russia’s #1 health foods brand and a leading e-grocery player, has launched a new project offering delivery of hot meals. The service, called Sgoryacha, is now available via the VkusVill mobile app. Prepared food will be delivered in a thermal container within two hours from the moment an order is placed.

Hot meals are prepared using dark kitchens — kitchens staffed with professional chefs that operate without guests and that prepare food for delivery only. VkusVill currently operates 11 dark kitchens in Russia that have delivered around 53,000 hot meals to date.

Sgoryacha meals are prepared fresh by professional chefs in fully equipped kitchens averaging 25 square meters in size. The service offers customers a varied assortment of about 60 dishes, including breakfasts, starters and main courses, pastas, burgers, pizzas, meal combos, various kinds of dumplings, pies and more.

Sergey Pavlov, head of VkusVill’s dark kitchen project, said: “Our customers suggested the idea. A year ago, we conducted a survey that showed that, in addition to refrigerated cuisine, customers wanted hot food that they wouldn’t have to heat up. In addition, the market itself indicated that there was a need for a hot-food service. Over the last two years, the food consumption model has changed significantly. Delivery has become a common thing, and people want to order not only milk, vegetables and meat, but also ready-made hot dishes.”