Sabio Group: retailers who monitor and measure the CX can slash service-affecting incidents and enhance the customer journey

By Gary Pipes, commercial manager at Sabio Group, the seamless customer experience expert 

Pipes: comprehensive and meaningful monitoring is imperative

Operational and technical teams in businesses spend many hours locked in rooms (physical and virtual!) whiteboarding flow diagrams that map every eventuality and reason for customer contact into their business and the anticipated desired outcome for the customer.

The target of this exercise is to balance available resources and skills to the forecasted demand across various channels including email, chat, social media and voice, and route accordingly to achieve the best possible outcome in terms of customer experience and first contact resolution.

This isn’t a “one and done” exercise and is an evolving and dynamic map that will change periodically due to several factors such as updates to the retailer’s products catalogue and marketing/promotions/offers to give two examples.

However, once this detailed and considered process is put live into production how can you ensure the customer routing is behaving as expected? Are specific “branches” of the flow causing bottlenecks or worse still are there actually deadends? Furthermore, what if the actual telephone numbers the customer is calling are out of service and the traffic is not even reaching the business’s contact routing engine?

“You can’t manage, what you don’t measure.”

Peter Drucker

Whenever I am questioned on the importance of monitoring and measurement, I like to bring up the story of the Nasa Climate Orbiter. This multi-million-dollar mission to Mars ended in disaster as it smashed into the Martian surface. The reason for the failure? One member of the team used Imperial measurements, instead of Metric, causing the orbiter to think it had quite some distance left on its journey. The difference between metric and imperial is not trivial, especially in space!

In my view, the solutions and services that power your customer experience are just as mission-critical. Therefore, it is imperative to put in place, comprehensive and meaningful monitoring. Without such insight and data to hand, there will surely be a delay in the restoration of service.

In our research, we found that customers with a leading monitoring solution had on average a 73-minute reduction in incident time. Monitoring solutions are commonplace, but ultimately it is how you use them that counts. A familiar story I have heard over the years is that alerts are ignored or don’t mean anything. A sort of IT version of the boy who cried wolf. That’s why in my experience of working at Sabio Group, the digital CX transformation specialist, layering in platform tuning and expert intervention delivers the most value. This ensures that the alerting is not only accurate but is dealt with quickly. After all, what is the point of monitoring if nothing is done with it? On a monthly basis, on average Sabio catches and prevents 20 service-affecting incidents for our customers across the retail industry…

The final piece of the puzzle is CX monitoring, where you are actively measuring what your customers are experiencing. To come back to our initial story of the Orbiter, this is the equivalent of the NASA engineers being able to have a live camera feed of how close they were to Mars and make the necessary adjustments. CX Monitoring regularly tests, in your live environment, a typical customer interaction and provides feedback on what happened. By adding CX Monitoring we can address the common problem of expectation vs reality; delivering a comprehensive Monitoring and Assurance solution.

Leading customer experience and digital transformation specialists, such as ourselves at Sabio Group, can help retail organisations monitor the experience they’re providing to their customers.

Modern and innovative companies are tapping into these tools to not only monitor but enhance the overall customer experience journey.

Are you one of them? Or are you heading into the abyss like the infamous Nasa Climate Orbiter…