Sainsbury’s to promote watercress in Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Sainsbury’s is teaming up with its watercress supplier, Vitacress Salads, to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.

Sainsbury’s will be promoting watercress in all its stores and Vitacress salads will be making a donation of 5p per pack sold to The Haven, a national breast cancer charity providing a network of support centres for people affected by breast cancer.

The promotion marks the culmination of a two-year research project into the potential of watercress to suppress breast cancer cell development. Its findings are being announced today by the Watercress Alliance.

A similar research project, funded by the Alliance, found eating watercress daily can significantly reduce DNA damage to blood cells, which is considered to be an important trigger in the development of cancer.

The promotion hopes to encourage more people to eat watercress while raising funds for The Haven, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

“We chose to support The Haven because the charity takes a holistic approach to breast cancer care, and supports anyone affected by breast cancer with counselling, complementary therapies and nutritional advice, helping people during their recovery to improve their diet, boost their natural defences and increase their energy levels,” said Huw Griffiths, marketing director, Vitacress Salads.

Vitacress hopes to raise £20,000 for The Haven. All money raised will go towards the important work The Haven does in supporting people with breast cancer.

The charity has helped over 6,000 people cope with the devastating side-effects of breast cancer and its treatment and provided nearly 100,000 appointments over the last decade. It works alongside the NHS, to ensure an integrated approach to breast cancer care.

The Haven Programme is free of charge in all Havens and there is no need for a referral. Visitors benefit from the expertise of The Haven’s specialist cancer nurses and therapists and also from meeting others going through a similar experience.