Sainsbury’s adds MONIN Chocolate Cookie syrup


MONIN’s UK distributor, Bennett Opie, has secured a limited-edition listing with Sainsbury’s stores nationwide for the French brand’s premium Chocolate Cookie syrup.

Available for six months, MONIN Chocolate Cookie syrup 250ml will join the three MONIN Vanilla, Hazelnut and Caramel 250ml syrups already on offer in Sainsbury’s coffee aisles across the UK.

MONIN Chocolate Cookie syrup

MONIN Chocolate Cookie syrup

Darril Ling, MONIN UK brand director, said: “Coffee-savvy consumers are increasingly looking to recreate their favourite café drinks at home, and Chocolate Cookie is one of our best-selling coffee shop flavours.

“Just a teaspoon of MONIN Chocolate Cookie syrup injects a burst of buttery chocolate biscuit flavour into a range of drinks, from coffees to milkshakes and cocktails; we particularly recommend trying it in a hot chocolate.”

Monin Chocolate Cookie syrup is available now in Sainsbury’s stores nationwide, RRP £3.00.