Sainsbury’s lists Vitalite Dairy Free Cheese Alternatives


Vitalite Dairy Free Cheese Alternatives will soon be available in Sainsbury’s stores nationwide, thanks to a new listing and sponsorship agreement.

From 15 July, the Vitalite Dairy Free Alternative to Cheese range will launch into Sainsbury’s stores as part of the supermarket’s cheese range review. Vitalite is also delighted to be sponsoring Sainsbury’s’ Health Event bay which will be live from 29 July in the retailer’s top 100 stores. The event fixtures will include eye-catching branding communicating the product credentials at point of sale and will run from 29 July through to 15 September.

The new listing builds on the range’s launch into Asda in September of last year and is testament to the growing market for dairy free alternatives, both amongst those with an intolerance or allergy, and increasingly amongst those who choose to avoid dairy to support their healthy lifestyle.

By far the largest sector within Free From, Dairy Free Alternatives have continued to record exponential growth over recent months, growing revenue +21% (+17% vol) in the 12 weeks to 14 June. Within Cheese growth of Dairy Free Alternatives has been double this, posting +43% revenue (+39% vol) in the latest 12 weeks, with growth driven both by an influx of 129k new households to the sector, and existing buyers increasing their purchase frequency. The category is now worth £39m. 

Vitalite is the UK’s leading Dairy Free Spread, valued at £11.3m and outperforming the Dairy Free Spreads sector to deliver year on year revenue growth of +7%.