Sainsbury’s shakes up all-natural snacking market with launch of “Taste of the Future” bay


The wait is finally over! This is the moment when Sainsbury’s trailblazing ‘Future Brands’ initiative well and truly gets under way. The first tranche of frenetic activity will see 12 intriguing ‘challenger’ brands jockey for position within Sainsbury’s ambient “Taste of the Future” bay. 

Found in 69 of the forward-thinking food retailer’s most influential stores, the bay will feature an eclectic huddle of intriguing food and drink brands, including five game-changing snacks.

 Such a bold vision means Sainsbury’s is effectively giving a significant clutch of pioneering brands the perfect, well-orchestrated environment (instore buzz…) for up & coming brands to showcase their game-changing foodie visions.

The 5-strong snacking collection covers all manner of sweet and savoury visions with very little sugar in sight! 

The five snacks

• BOUNDLESS: The worldly-wise Boundless team produce deliciously flavoured activated nuts, tapping into time-honoured Aztec & Aboriginal foodie wisdom. By soaking nuts and seeds in water before baking them, Boundless activates their powerful nutrition while teaming them with a gutsy blends and spices.

• MADE FOR DRINK: Made for Drink’s head-turning Chorizo Thins & Mangalitza Salami Chips showcase two truly gastronomic, slow-cooked snacks that pair perfectly with a couple of the nation’s favourite alcoholic beverages (a full-bodied Rjoca & a fruity pilsner).

• NIBBLE BROWNIE BITES: Award-winning lower sugar innovators, Nibble Protein have introduced this delicious, super-satiating range of healthy brownies. Using antioxidant powerhouse, dried plum purée, instead of dates, these yummy vegan brownies are packed with protein, but contain just 1g of sugar per piece, while coming in at less than 100 cals a pack. But they taste decidedly naughty!

• PRIME BAR: The brainchild of endurance running enthusiasts, Prime Bar crafts beef jerky bars that are a beautifully balanced blend of grass-reared British beef fruits, herbs and spices to create a couple of moreish, protein-packed treats with delicious flavour like Chilli & Red Pepper, Apricot & Sage.

• SEA CHIPS: Sea Chips, the UK’s first handcrafted salmon skin crisps, are transforming all too often abandoned, nutrient-rich fish skin into a sumptuous array (Salt & Vinegar and Lime & Chilli) of light, crunchy, ‘nutritionally ripped’ crisps that donate 10% of their profits todeserving ‘sea cleaning’ causes.

The terms of engagement for this “Taste of the Future” listing is simple, namely each aspiring underdog has twelve weeks to prove itself. The bay features signs reading “Everything here is on trial—if you love it, we’ll keep it”. These five brands most certainly hope you do.

According to Rachel Eyre, head of future brands, at Sainsbury’s: “At Sainsbury’s we want to offer our customers the most innovative and interesting products around.  Having been in business for 150 years, we are always looking to the future and thinking about what will be next on the nation’s shopping lists. We’re dedicated to helping our customers test and trial new innovations in the grocery space, and can’t wait to hear what they think of these options.”