Sainsbury’s to stock Streamline’s reduced sugar jam

Foods offering a reduced sugar option without compromising on taste are becoming increasingly relevant to a wider number of consumers.  To offer its jam loving customers a healthier alternative, Streamline will be introducing its 40% more fruit, 30% less sugar strawberry jam into over 300 Sainsbury’s stores and its less sugar blackcurrant jam in over 110 stores from this week.

According to a report by market researchers Euromonitor last week, Britons consume more than twice as much sugar in a day as the global average, behind only the United States, the Netherlands and Finland.  However, research from Mintel reveals that 46% of Brits have taken at least one course of action to monitor or reduce their sugar intake in the last year.

In addition, the Co-op has introduced Streamline less sugar strawberry jam into over 750 stores and also stocks Streamline thin Cut Marmalade in 489 stores across the country.

Packed with 40% more fruit than standard jams and at least 60% more fruit in its marmalades, Streamline offers a way to cut sugar intake without having to sacrifice on the enjoyment of jam.

Streamline jams and marmalades are also available in Tesco, Ocado, Asda and Morrisons with a RRP of £1.45 for a 340g jar. The range of flavours include: strawberry, blackcurrant, apricot, black cherry, seedless raspberry, thin cut orange and thick cut orange.

Séverine Brault, marketing manager at Streamline Foods, said: “We’re passionate about offering healthier products that don’t compromise on flavour.  Now more than ever consumers are seeking healthier products that prioritise taste.  Now that Streamline is available in Sainsbury’s and the Co-Op, our products will be even more accessible to consumers that enjoy jam but are looking for a healthier alternative.”