Sales of ready-made pancakes and mixes double, reports Tesco

Pancake mixes: increasingly popular

Pancake mixes: increasingly popular

Sales of ready-made pancakes and pancake mixes have doubled over the last five years, according to Tesco.

Rather than making pancakes from scratch, ready-made options are finding favour among British consumers, says the supermarket.

It estimates 15m pre-made pancakes and mixes will be sold across all UK retailers this year and its own sales will hit the 5m mark with the top seller likely to be a pancake shaker.

Tesco spokesman Trevor Datson said: “For centuries Brits prided themselves with their pancake tossing abilities on Shrove Tuesday and in every town and village there would be a greatly heralded pancake race.

“However, the great tradition of pancake making and tossing soon looks like being consigned to history as nowadays society tries to make everything simpler.

“Judging by sales, more and more people now rather just heat up a ready-made pancake rather than risk making a mess in the kitchen.”

Datson suggested the fast food culture and longer working hours are to blame for the reluctance to continue old cooking traditions.

“In particular, the rise of French-style crepes stands in market places and high quality creperies, with ever increasing exotic ingredients in our high streets, have also lessened the appeal of home made pancakes,” he said.