SALITOS launches the original Cerveza Lager beer

SALITOS goes back to its roots with the launch of its original recipe Latin American Cerveza. The new bottle stays faithful to its heritage, especially with its appealing retro design. The original SALITOS Cerveza has a long, international success story.

SALITOS celebrates the start of the spring season with the addition of a new premium lager beer. The Latin American SALITOS Cerveza has a clean, clear and refreshing taste with a hint of soft spicy aromas balanced with citrus notes. The light taste makes SALITOS Cerveza easy to drink and should remind consumers of those sandy beaches and sunnier climes.

The original recipe of SALITOS Cerveza was developed in South America towards the end of the 1940s using the very first brewing boilers available in Panama. SALITOS quickly became known throughout the beaches of South America and is now sold in over 56 countries around the world. The new, retro-chic design of the 0.33-litre bottle and the 0,33-litre aluminium can along with its refreshing taste pays homage to its origins. SALITOS Cerveza Beer is best enjoyed ice-cold with a slice of lemon.