Samsonite announces limited edition suitcase range made from recycled consumer waste


Samsonite International, together with its consolidated subsidiaries, has announced the launch of a special edition, S’Cure ECO “Green Grey” suitcase, which is part of a new collection made from recycled plastic waste. The suitcase is the first ever polypropylene suitcase, made from post-consumer recycled waste.

The suitcase’s shells are made using recycled polypropylene (PP) from post-consumer packaging and the inside fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles (PET). This makes the S’Cure ECO “Green Grey” suitcase not only more sustainable, but also light and strong for the best travel experience.

The launch highlights growing consumer awareness of environmental responsibility and how companies such as Samsonite are leading the charge to futureproof sustainable product design for future generations.

Samsonite has a strong focus on sustainability and in 2018 launched more than 30 eco collections globally with more lined up for 2019. The brand also converted 30 million 500ml plastic bottles into its RecyclexTM material last year and this material is included to make up the inside fabric of the new S’Cure ECO limited edition and the Neoknit range.

Samsonite is the world’s leading luggage manufacturer and a pioneer when it comes to the research and development of new materials and technologies. At its European innovation and development center in Belgium, the team is continually working on creating new materials and technologies, reaching important goals and offering advanced products which bring new levels of comfort, light-weight design, performance and sustainability.

Christine Riley Miller, Samsonite’s global director of sustainability, sees this industry-first innovation as part of a bigger picture: “We are continuously looking for new ways to reduce our environmental footprint across our operations. Of course, the research of new sustainable materials plays a key role in our brand as it allows us to combine our thirst for innovation with our commitment to sustainability. We are dedicated to finding opportunities which maximize the use of recycled and recyclable materials in our products in order to pass on a better world for generations to come.”

A limited number of the S’Cure ECO post-consumer recycled plastic edition have been released exclusively on the website.

Similarly, Samsonite is pleased to announce that its Neoknit range, which is made from 100% RPET yarn is now available in store and will be available online shortly. The Neoknit range is made by using yarn made from recycled plastic drinking bottles for the outside fabric and is designed to minimize the cuts of the knitted panel and so reducing waste.