Samworth Brothers launches website for new food-to-go service


UK food manufacturer, Samworth Brothers, aims to corner the lucrative food-to-go market with the launch of its website for new retail food brand, Fresh Food for Now Company.  

The website, built and launched in just four weeks by digital agency Coherence, will play an important role in communicating the company’s evolution from its previous Ginsters-branded van delivery service, to showcase the wider range of products and services it provides to retailers. 

It represents a timely move with the UK food-to-go sector forecast to grow at twice the rate of overall grocery retail and predicted to be worth £22.8bn by 2023. With consumer needs constantly evolving, the transition to an agile-enabled website gives the company the ability to adapt to market conditions. 

Coherence used its low code web development tool, Cohesion DX8, to build and launch the website at speed. By utilising DX8, the agency was able to integrate bespoke coding with visual drag-and-drop tools to drive productivity. 

The website will also promote Samworth Brothers’ commercial expertise in driving sales and providing customer insights, and retail customers will soon be able to order products directly from the site. 

“Normally you’d be looking at ten to twelve weeks to launch a simple brochure-style website, so to launch a more complex project in less than half the time was impressive,” said Alastair Johns, head of brand & category at food for now. “We’re in a fast-moving agile market so we need to be able to respond to new trends and customer demand at any time, and the DX8 platform will enable us to do this. In future, our marketing team will take greater control over messaging and how items are displayed on the page, and become less reliant on the agency itself. 

“We have ambitious plans to increase our market share in the food-to-go sector and we believe our new website will play a vital role in making that possible.” 

Besides providing useful features, information and guidance to existing customers, the website will operate as a lead generation tool for new customers.  

Coherence collaborated with branding agency Ape Creative to position the Fresh Food for Now Company site as a one-stop shop for a wide range of quality food-to-go products, including brands such as Honest Crust, Soreen and Ginsters.  

“The Fresh Food for Now Company project is a perfect example of how to launch a minimum viable product quickly and start learning from how people are using it, while continuing to improve features and functionality,” said Craig Hanna, Director at Cohesion DX8. “In today’s digital world, lengthy research projects quickly become outdated and that’s particularly true in the food industry.”