SAP company, hybris, launches contextual marketing platform


Hybris software, an SAP company, has launched a new marketing solution that unifies customer data into one centralised hub and allows companies to unleash the power of truly contextual marketing for the first time. Having real-time context-based data about individual customers and anonymous visitors enables brands to deliver contextual, consistent and relevant experiences throughout a customer journey, regardless of the marketing channel or device. Leveraging the SAP hybris Marketing solution sets a new standard for marketers, improving their current marketing programs and opening up new approaches to serving customers with relevant contextual marketing.

“Marketing today has some fundamental challenges to get to real personalized marketing. Without the right context and a real-time understanding of each customer, this is impossible. The fact that in so many organisations customer data is scattered across disparate systems means that marketers end up bombarding people with messages that are not always relevant,” said Brian Walker, chief strategy officer, hybris and SAP CEC. “With every search, browse, e-mail open, or site visit, individual customers are telling us about what they want or need, their desires and intents in that very moment. Until now these signals of intent have been near impossible for marketers to leverage. That’s why we believe that the SAP hybris Marketing solution has the power to transform mass communications into real 1-to-1 messages that connect directly with customers’ needs with not just the right message, but also at the right time through the right marketing channel.”

The SAP hybris Marketing solution uses real-time contextual data to continuously update a 360-degree profile of both identified customers and prospective customers. This dynamic profile spans what each customer has done in the past, what they might do in the future, and what they are most interested in at any moment in time. Using powerful targeting tools, marketers can reach customers through 1-to-1 personalised campaigns on the Web site, via e-mail, digital display advertising, trigger a sales or service call, or push messaging to mobile applications and devices. Campaigns can be automatically triggered by customer behaviors in real time, planned and scheduled by marketers, or created ad hoc by marketers with a few clicks of a mouse.

The marketing platform has seven core elements:

  • Dynamic customer profile engine
  • Segmentation, predictive analytics, and contextual analysis engines
  • Marketing planning, budgeting, and orchestration
  • Recommendations and on-site targeting
  • Real-time, behavior-based remarketing
  • Marketing performance management
  • The ability to work with an open ecosystem of marketing solution providers via open APIs

Through the integration of the SAP hybris Marketing solution and SAP hybris Commerce Suite, hybris now offers a uniquely powerful capability to enable marketing, customer experience, and omnichannel commerce, allowing businesses and organizations of all kinds to drive a relevant, consistent, and personalized customer experience directly relevant to customers, both identified and unidentified.

Walker said: “True contextual marketing leverages the real-time signals of a customer’s intention. Today companies are looking for sustainable growth, and that is delivered through retaining and maximizing returns on your customers. Delivering an amazing and seamless customer journey, where all steps – from billing to customer service, to buying and then collecting – work flawlessly together is nothing short of what the consumer expects. The SAP hybris Marketing solution will play a vital role in supporting this broader SAP company vision.”

The SAP hybris Marketing solution is key to the SAP solutions for customer engagement and commerce (CEC) portfolio of products and services launched last year. It sits alongside SAP hybris Commerce Suite and the SAP Cloud for Customer solution enabling the marketing, services, and sales functions of B2B and B2C companies everywhere to provide their customers with a better experience. In addition, with functions like supply chain and billing playing such a vital role in that experience, SAP’s customers also benefit from the integration with its broader suite of products.

“You have to remember,” said Maggie Chan Jones, chief marketing officer of SAP, “customers don’t think or care about the complexity of ‘channels’. They are simply trying to make informed buying decisions in a digital environment where a consistent, convenient, and simple experience fosters engagement. With the SAP hybris Marketing solution, running on SAP HANA and part of our historic SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA, marketers can gain insights about their customers in real-time to drive contextual, personal marketing solutions. We offer marketers an integrated experience, which connects to how and where a customer engages, from websites, to apps, to contact center to sales person.”

James Stone, ASICS general manager, Global Enterprise Solutions, said: “ASICS is in a market position where it is essential to create a single marketing platform that unifies all customer data. The SAP hybris Marketing solution provides us with a powerful capability to collate, analyze, and act upon granular customer data for the first time. Its open nature allows us to extend the platform to capture a wide range of additional data from Point of Sale data to our personal training platform, MYASICS.”

Developed on an open platform with an open partner ecosystem, the hybris Marketing solution is available today to deploy on either cloud or on-premise environments, with prepackaged integrations from many leading marketing solutions partners.