SAP consultant helps brush up data


Specialist SAP consultant De Villiers Walton has launched a programme for enhancing SAP Business Intelligence (BI) solutions following customer feedback, which revealed CFOs and senior managers are suffering from a lack of data quality.

De Villiers Walton found many businesses are enduring the effects of inadequate system architecture and claims its new Intelligent BI Programme addresses an organisation’s existing BI difficulties and provides a quick, cost-effective means of meeting their needs, which could include tackling vital issues such as under-utilised or inaccurate data.

According to the company, an initial assessment identifies priority issues and services from the Intelligent BI programme, which can be employed to dig deeper into the barriers preventing better BI reporting. The company then produces a BI Solutions Roadmap document, listing the crucial actions, in order of priority, the company needs to take to tackle the problems identified.

“We have a broad customer group and have been fortunate enough to work with some of the leading global companies in the consumer goods, hi-tech and pharmaceutical arena,” said Daneel de Villiers, co-founder and managing director of De Villiers Walton.

“Our Intelligent BI programme was created in response to the on-going business issues highlighted by these organisations and their need to get better value from their existing investment.

“Our work takes SAP BI solutions to the next level, giving clients the ability to gain access to data in real time and in a needs-driven format. So far, the Intelligent BI Programme has been a great success, with benefits including enhanced data quality, more intelligent and active utilisation, data timeliness, increased data transparency and optimised usage.”

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