Savsé Raw Orange and Apple Juices pack a punch with new pack design

Savsé, best known for its award-winning smoothies, has announced a packaging redesign for its cold-pressed raw Orange and Apple Juices, with new bottles being rolled out nationwide. The previous orange and apple peel design has been replaced by a sleeker, cleaner style.

Jonagold Apple Juice has also been recognised at the prestigious Grocer New Product Awards 2017 by being named as the winner in the juices and smoothies category.

Stripped back and raw, Savsé cold-presses its Grove Orange and Jonogold Apple to keep all the goodness in, ensuring the juices are nutritious and taste exactly like the freshly picked fruit they come from.

Savsé cold-presses its apple juice using the sweet offspring of Jonathan and Golden Delicious – the award winning Jonagold Apple – a beautiful balance of sharp and sweet. Savsé’s Grove oranges are hand-picked in Valencia and unlike many juices on the market, Savsé holds onto its pulp to ensure your consumers reap the full benefits of the fruit.  Savsé also believe in separation (when the pulp falls to the bottom on the bottle) because, as with the homemade option, the sign of a truly fresh juice is separation – so seek it out!

Guka, CEO and founder of Savsé, says of the news: “With consumers becoming increasingly health conscious, the pasteurised offerings from industry leaders no longer cut it – consumers demand more and we’re proud to give them the very best. With the entire Savsé range, including our newly-designed Juices, consumers no longer have to ‘make do’ – they can have a truly delicious and nutritious product at home or on-the-go.

“Whether enjoyed on its own or as part of a mocktail or cocktail, consumers know they’re getting truly fresh flavours with no compromise on taste, quality or nutrition. It’s fantastic to be recognised by one of the country’s most prestigious new product awards amid such fierce competition, and this is only the start; our newly designed bottles will provide greater stand out on shelf and help increase cut through.”

Refusing to Heat Pasteurise, which boils the goodness out of the fruit and veg, Savsé uses the sophisticated preservation technique of High Pressure Processing (HPP) to deactivate bacteria, whilst keeping the nutritional value of the ingredients intact. This ground-breaking tech allows for a longer shelf life, to ensure the Savsé range is accessible to retailers.