SCA invests £10.5m in Velvet toilet tissue brand


Leading paper manufacturer SCA Hygiene Products UK is investing £10.5m to support its toilet issue brand Velvet and launching tissues with a balm lotion. 

The investment in toilet tissue includes a new TV campaign and product upgrades and comes on the back of sales growth for the Velvet brand.

Regional marketing director UK and ROI Richard Nall said the latest market data shows:

  • Velvet toilet tissue is growing faster than the market at 12.4% YOY and has grown by £13.7m
  • Total Velvet toilet tissue penetration has grown by 11.6% to 40.4%
  • MAT Velvet toilet tissue value sales have grown by 11.9% to a share of 12.4%
  • MAT Velvet toilet tissue volume sales have grown by 4.9% to a share of 11.5%

Nall said: “Velvet targets consumers who want to do their bit for the environment but who also demand luxury and quality from their toilet tissue. Backed by a strong environmental promise, Velvet delivers on both levels.  

“Velvet delivers luxury for you and trees for the planet – a commitment which will feature in our new marketing campaign from the start of October and will continue to do so in the future.” 

The brand’s new TV campaign, launched on 1 October 2011, focuses on Velvet’s commitment to planting trees, including its ‘three trees’ message and the luxuriousness of Velvet.

The TV ad, created by Fallon, uses stopframe animation and the Velvet tissue itself to create a zoetrope effect with over 3,000 individually cut paper frames. It takes the viewer on a forest journey, highlighting the three trees message and the part the consumer can play.

The campaign is one element of the £10.5m marketing investment, which also includes trade marketing, social media, PR and online activity. 

Two products in the Velvet toilet tissue range have also been upgraded. Velvet features a ‘now even softer claim’ while Quilted Velvet has a new embossed design. New packaging again reinforces the brand’s commitment to tree-planting together with strong product and luxury cues, the company said.

SCA’s latest tissue product is called Velvet Balm and contains extracts of aloe vera and camomile and an added layer of balm lotion on each tissue. 

The launch of Velvet Balm coincides with the company’s first tissue TV commercial, which will go to air on 7 November 2011. 

The ad also reinforces the company’s commitment to tree planting via its ‘three trees’ message, which is the focus of Velvet’s current marketing campaign.  

SAC said Velvet tissue products are performing well, with recent data showing:

  • Velvet tissues have achieved £11m sales and sold over 8.8m packs since launch 18 months ago
  • 2.7m shoppers have bought into the brand in the last year
  •  Velvet tissues have been purchased by 10.8% of UK households in the last year – up 136.3% on the previous year
  • The volume per buyer has also increased by 56.6% YOY

Velvet’s senior brand manager Traci Baxter said: “With Velvet Balm, we are targeting customers who not only want the best care for their sore noses this winter, but who also want to do their bit for the environment. Velvet delivers luxury for the consumer and trees for the planet.” 

For more information on Velvet’s commitment to planting trees and its products, go to: and