ScandiKitchen launches range of new wild Nordic jams


Scandinavian food specialists, ScandiKitchen, will launch a collection of premium jams available through their website and on Ocado this September.

Produced in Sweden, the jams will be a true taste of the Scandinavian landscape coming in Wild Cloudberry, Wild Lingonberry and Wild Bilberry and contain 55% berries. The berries are all hand foraged and lovingly made in small batches by a family owned producer to give body and texture to the jams.

Wild Cloudberry, 200g 
Cloudberries are known as Arctic gold as they cannot be cultivated and grow incredibly sparsely throughout the north of the Arctic circle. Huge care is taken when foraging for these golden berries which are then crafted into a truly unique jam with umami undertones. This versatile jam can stand up-to strong cheeses and is moreish heated up and poured over vanilla ice cream.

Wild Lingonberry, 200g 
A familiar jam given a luxurious twist, containing 55% berries affords a full-bodied tart flavour and luscious rich texture. Classically paired with Swedish meatballs, simply spread on thick toast or swirled through piping hot porridge. This is one for lazy Sunday mornings and a good book.

Wild Bilberry, 200g 
The northern cousin of the more commonly cultivated Blueberry, these hand-picked wild bilberries create a succulent jam made on the west coast of Sweden. Deep in colour, this jam packs a punch and is sure to be a family favourite – immediately cover everything you eat in this!

Upgrade your cheeseboard and better your breakfast with this range of premium Nordic jams from ScandiKitchen.