Scottish design studio, Tangent, partners with Eden Mill to launch gin range with a focus on sustainability and storytelling


Scottish design studio, Tangent, designed Eden Mill’s iconic stoneware bottle, inspired by the natural materials and textures found in and around its St Andrews Distillery six years ago. It refined their logo, defined the brand typefaces and created a super-premium look that supported the brand’s rapid growth.

Eden Mill aims to lead the way for sustainability within the drinks industry in Scotland, and is doing this by innovating in every area of the brand and business. The principles behind this new gin range reflect a new chapter – a greener business model. The new bottle is produced in the UK; it uses less glass than the average industry-standard; no outer packaging; labels are from recycled stock; a design and production model that results in minimal waste…a multitude of design decisions came before the look and feel.

Eden Mill celebrates the best of old and new. Tangent says it’s inspired by tradition, but isn’t afraid to push boundaries and experiment. This drives both the liquid and how it is presented. Each liquid in the range is distinct, taking inspiration from all over the world. Tangent has created a brand that tells stories – the untold history of St Andrews, Scotland’s influence across the globe, myths and legends. The company started by conceiving a name for each gin, reaching into the past and around the world for stories that connected to the ingredients, or the places that inspired the combinations. For each gin, there is a narrative which tells the story behind the name: like how the story of the saint and philosopher who first combined dandelion and burdock became Serendipity Gin, and Forbidden Gin’s story brings up the theological debate over whether it was an apple or a quince which was stolen in the Garden of Eden. 

Tangent continued its long-standing collaboration with illustrator Ella Ginn ( to create unique, highly detailed illustrations which capture the feeling, if not the details, of each of the narratives associated with the gins. Her traditional woodcut style is complemented by clean, modern typography.

The ‘Heritage Range’ features signature products – celebrating the brand’s home, and using local botanics, the liquids give a literal taste of St Andrews. This range has higher production values, utilising copper foil finishes. The ‘Premium Range’ takes influences from all over the world and is an outlet for innovation and experimentation. 

On both ranges, the brand name is front and centre – a bold statement of pride. Tangent retained the outer ‘shield’ from the stoneware bottles, simplifying its appearance and created space to add key botanicals and a short product introduction. The ‘Premium Range’ features personality words to further complement the narrative and showcase the personality of the product. Tangent said it wanted the label to be content rich, and retain a clear hierarchy for strong shelf presence.

Neck capsules feature a subtle botanical illustration, adding a detail that can only be appreciated up-close.

Tangent said it has taken every measure to ensure every product is unmistakably Eden Mill. Compositions are consistent, but each product has an ownable colour, subtly applied to the front label. It reverse printed the back label in the product colour – as it refracts through the tactile glass, the colour is magnified, resulting in an unmistakeable band of colour that a memorable, if not playful interaction. Recycled paper labels are enhanced by embossing and debossing, providing tactility and a suitably premium finish.

Tangent said its ambition was to go beyond a label. “We hope our narrative driven strategy has created something far more meaningful and memorable – a way for Eden Mill to confidently enter the next chapter in its journey,” the company says.