Scottish haggis maker launches microwaveable black pudding

Black pudding: versatile and now microwaveable product

Black pudding: versatile and now microwaveable product

Macsween of Edinburgh, a leading Scottish food brand, is launching a black pudding that can be steamed in the microwave for 90 seconds. 

Aimed at consumers looking for a hearty and convenient dish, the 90 second black pudding follows on from the success of Macsween’s microwaveable and haggis products, launched in 2010. 

The 90 second black pudding includes barley, wheat, onion and seasoning, while being light in texture and low in calories and fat, claims the company. It will feature extensively in Macsween’s ‘Hasty Tasty’ spots in the cookery theatre at this years’ Royal Highland Show.

Jo Macsween, director of the company, said: “The success of our microwavable haggis encouraged us to revisit our well respected black pudding.  My brother James and I spent many hours trying new recipes, we talked to our customers and ran lots of tastings, before the new Macsween black pudding emerged. It’s tasty and lightly textured and perfect for the health conscious black pudding traditionalist.”

Macsween said it made good use of formal research and informal contact through its social media channels to test the market and get a reaction to the product. According to the company, this revealed there was a latent demand for a convenient, microwaveable black pudding, along the lines of its existing product range.

The company claims the new recipe reflects Jo and James Macsweens’ desire to make their products appeal to a much wider consumer base, an ambition they are achieving. Independent research has shown in 2010, the company convinced 75,000 consumers to try haggis for the first time. All the indications are these consumers are sticking with Macsween, as they can use haggis in any number of dishes throughout the year, whether micro-waved or prepared in the usual fashion, it said. The company hopes that its black pudding will be equally as enticing.

The Macsween 90 second black pudding will be launched at the Royal Highland Show, before appearing on the shelves in Asda’s Scottish stores from September 2011. Macsween said it is confident other outlets will follow later in the year.