Scottish oats company, Stoats, launches Toasted Oaty Flakes


Scottish oats company, Stoats, has announced the launch of Toasted Oaty Flakes, a 100% wholegrain cereal with premium oats that have been cooked and roasted for extra crunch.

New Toasted Oaty Flakes

New Toasted Oaty Flakes

The new Toasted Oaty Flakes will be available in two different flavours; Original and Fruit & Nut.

The new offering from Stoats is in response to customer demand following a survey of Stoats customers which revealed 46% of consumers regularly ate cereal and would like to see Stoats products available in this category.

When choosing breakfast products, the survey found that the most important breakfast features were primarily natural ingredients and taste followed by nutritious ingredients and low sugar, with 47.6% of respondents attempting to avoid sugar in breakfast cereals.

Managing director at Stoats, Tony Stone, said: “At Stoats we are listening to consumers and their need for products that tick the boxes of health and wellness, which includes no added sugar, natural protein and wholegrains. This has led to the development of our Toasted Oaty Flakes range, which is perfect for those that love porridge but are looking for alternative cold cereal options from mueslis and granolas.

“The oats are in their pure form and not blended with any other cereal or sugar. The Original is perfect for those that wish to create their own taste combinations or for those who want a balanced breakfast. The Fruit and Nut flavour is packed full of juicy raisins, blueberries, apple slices, sunflower and pumpkin seeds and sliced almonds, offering a nutritionally rich breakfast and a taste profile that is driven by this year’s flavour trends.”

200 Stoats shoppers taste tested the new Toasted Oaty Flakes range with 96.88% of respondents stating they would like to have the option to purchase the 100% wholegrain, crunchy oat flake cereal.