ScS unveils new website, designed to amplify online presence


ScS, the UK’s leading Sofa Carpet Specialists, has unveiled its brand-new website, designed to energise and amplify its online presence. The site, which was delivered, and project managed by Sherwen Studios using the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Platform, has transformed the brand’s e-commerce strategy.

Thanks to the revamped website, ScS can quickly adapt to changing consumer behaviours caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The mobile-first approach to the website has ensured that consumers can browse and shop quickly and easily from their phone or tablet and experience the same levels of customer care that they would receive in-store.

With a user-focused experience driving the transformation of the website, shoppers are guided to their ideal products thanks to a visual hierarchy which helps them to navigate the purchasing process. Changes have also been made to the search functionality of the site. Shoppers can browse products easier and use the intuitive filter to quickly locate products relevant to their search. Once the shopper has selected their products, they enjoy a smart, frictionless check-out journey.

Matt Sherwen, from Sherwen Studios headed up the project. Speaking of the new website, he says: “By redesigning and rebuilding the ScS website, we have created a digital commerce platform which provides market-leading customer experiences. We have used data analytics to track customer behaviours and used this knowledge to consider how shoppers are using the website. The result is an online shopping experience which puts the customer first, from the moment they land on the website to the moment that they complete their purchase.

“Throughout this ambitious project we were keen to simplify the customer experience. We wanted to unify our data analytics with technological capabilities to be able to respond to customer behaviours quicker than ever before. Thanks to the implementation of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud, we have been able to unite the e-commerce and online sales teams. The website has effectively integrated with ScS’s internal systems, which has simplified the way that they work, making internal processes far more efficient. This integration ensures that the website is the start of a new e-commerce strategy, with greater capabilities to react to market conditions and new business opportunities.”

David Bawden, head of e-commerce, ScS, adds: “The launch of our new website has been hugely successful, and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank Sherwen Studios who helped to simplify our entire development process. They managed to take complex ideas and processes and helped turn them into easy to understand outputs.

Their development and testing are first-class and gave us the confidence to run aggressive development cycles. This enabled us to make informed data-driven decisions to drive online performance and implement them almost as fast as we come up with them.”