Seabright and Seabright launches Christmas case of French wines

Fine wines for the 12 days of Christmas

French wine merchant Seabright and Seabright has launched a case of 12 wines designed to be drunk on each day of the Christmas calendar.

Perfect for Christmas gifts, the case includes a wine from each style and wine-making region of France to give festive families a deliciously different bottle each day.

From the Petit Chablis of Domaine de Perdrycourt (a partridge in a pear tree) to the Vent d’Est of Cabardes, which is only blended in years when the prevailing wind is from the east (eleven pipers piping), each wine even has a special Christmas reference that revellers can enjoy guessing.

Seabright and Seabright specialises in bringing regional French wines to the UK from some of the most consistent, award-winning wine-makers in France.

Director Andrew Seabright said: “Our wines are about integrity. With France on our doorstep it’s crazy that the wines for sale
on the High Street are largely mediocre, mass produced and mass-marketed.

“All our wines are acclaimed in France for the quality and passion of their vignerons, and we capture the unique flavours of the most wonderful wine-making regions in the country.”