SeeWoo launches Chilli Chutney with ginger and star anise

New Chilli Chutney

New Chilli Chutney

Europe’s largest Oriental Food Wholesaler, SeeWoo Group, is launching a Chilli Chutney into its Way-On product line. It will be stocked at its three stores in Chinatown, Greenwich and Glasgow, and available online at

SeeWoo has been making Oriental food accessible to restaurants, retailers, wholesalers and private customers for four decades now. It traces products from their source and then sell them in its stores. The launch of a Chilli Chutney is the first new SeeWoo product created at its manufacturing site Way-On this year following research into this area of the market.

The cooking process carefully balances traditional methods of production with modern technology to blend, roast and simmer a well- balanced mix of chilli and spices to produce a unique product.

Increased international travel has broadened the population’s cultural and gastronomic horizons and heightened demand for ethnic foods, particularly traditional and authentic ethnic foods, in the UK. SeeWoo has seen a growing trend towards the popularity of Asian influenced and fusion cuisine and condiments within the non-Asian market making a versatile product such as this Chilli Chutney an exciting addition to the SeeWoo range.

Lucy Mitchell, marketing firector at SeeWoo, said:  “We are very excited to be launching a new Chilli Chutney with star anise and ginger. In taste tests we matched it with a broad variety of dishes from deep fried calamari, fishcakes, to cheese and more traditional Asian dishes such as edi deluxe (prawns), gyoza and satay.”

The new Chilli Chutney is a contender for Christmas nibbles and canapés, as it is the perfect accompaniment to your nutty cheddar and brie cheeses. Its distinctive flavour makes this really stand out amongst other savoury jams and chutneys.