Selfridges creates permanent bike shop and EV destination at Oxford Street store with Smartech


In July 2020 Selfridges launched its first-ever bike shop in The Corner Shop of its Oxford Street store. The collaboration with Smartech saw the space transformed into a one-of-a-kind electric vehicle destination complete with e-bikes, apparel and exclusive gear. Born to revolutionise an ailing world, its existence demonstrates a new era of urban travel combined with innovation like no other. Introducing the future of transportation. After the successful Corner Shop preview, The Bike Shop by Smartech is now a permanent feature of the LG floor in Selfridges, situated next to Smartech’s 200sq m flagship store.

Customers can discover and try the best bikes and accessories in the industry from the likes of Mate X, Angell and Superstrata. Smartech has curated a collection of the very best in e-vehicle innovations from up-and-coming entrepreneurs reinventing the cycling industry. There is also a selection of push bikes from Veloretti and Tokyo Bike. The products available rotate weekly and are available to test drive in a dedicated zone in the Selfridges car park. For customers unable to get to store, the range will be available to order at and smartech.buz

Rob Smith, head of partnerships at Smartech, says: “Our team has scoured the world to bring the latest and greatest in e-bike technology to the discerning Selfridges customer. As we emerge from another lockdown into the ‘new normal’, we’ve seen an increased focus on health and wellness, looking after the environment and most importantly safety, with people avoiding public transport where possible. E-bikes speak to all of these trends and customers can expect to see the ultimate edit of the most innovative brands of tomorrow, today.”

The world is facing serious challenges with regards to the environment and our health. Transportation is a major component of these problems. In its t​ echnology predictions for 2020​ in December 2019, before the global pandemic and the resulting spike in bike sales, Deloitte foresaw a rise in popularity of cycling, especially e-bikes, predicting that ‘by 2023, the total number of e-bikes in circulation around the world… should reach about 300 million, a 50 per cent increase over 2019’s 200 million.’ By riding a bike rather than commuting with a car, you will not only cut your CO2 emission, but you will also be supporting a healthier lifestyle and promoting a greater quality of life. The Bike Shop revolutionises a new era of motion.

Selfridges’ technology buying director, Martyn Stroud, comments: “With the nation’s renewed interest in cycling, it is the perfect time for us to host The Bike Shop, offering a selection of the very best e-bikes and innovations on the market. As well as being ideal for commuting, energy-efficient and emissions-free, e-bikes are a really fun way to get around town. We’re excited to welcome customers in-store to discover and try the bikes for themselves.”

The Bike Shop launched with a highly sought after collection of 40+ new brand partners, 30% of the assortment are worldwide exclusive to Smartech.​ ​The Bike Shop is home to products which redefine the

dimensions of motion and bridge the gaps between technology, innovation and movement. One exclusive space, endless possibilities. The Bike Shop tells the story of transportation throughout time, fast-forwarding to the future.

Following the successful launch at The Corner Shop, The Bike Shop by Smartech can be found at it’s permanent home on the LG floor at Selfridges. Even though the stores are closed, you can browse the range at and

Top e-vehicle picks, available at The Bike Shop, selected by Smith

The Mate X
Perfect for: the fashion-conscious

The MATE bike engages with contemporary challenges by creating a range of unique electric bikes. Made for any rider, any journey and any situation, MATE has a perfect collection of eBikes that are cool, sexy and practical. Every thought behind design, upgrades and additional details have been made while continuing to ensure that our eBikes are both affordable, fun and awesome looking. Without compromising on comfort and performance, the Mate X is an Instagram sensation, perfect for the

fashion-forward customer looking for a stylish way to travel around town. They turn heads wherever they go and at the same time offer a smooth ride with a good conscience.

Vello Bike​
Perfect for: city cycling

An award-winning design: the ultra-light VELLO bike with self-charging technology and high-performance urban folding, makes mixed-mode commuting easy. The product designer Valentin Vodev developed a bicycle that combines innovative technologies and a signature design that offers solutions to known urban challenges. The Vello bike is all about convenience, ideal for the busy city goer; fast and simple to fold this bike is ultra-lightweight and perfect for commuting.


Perfect for: state-of-the-art technology.
The bike of your dreams.​ Whatever your destination, whatever your mood, Angell has got everything covered. Just check your screen and enjoy the city on your own terms. Safe from the tricks of the road and safe from the streets. Angell is one of the most exciting e-bike brands in the world – the design is unparalleled, and the bike is packed full of smart features. The integrated display can guide you to where you need and tell you how many calories you are burning on the way. The Angell app will also keep you andyourbikesafewithfallandtheftdetectionfeatures.F​ romwhereyouhavetogotowhereyoudeserve to be, Angell makes your journey that much easier.


Perfect for: commuters/people with limited space for bike storage.
The Smacircle is new to the market and ideal for Londoners with limited bike storage. Smacircle is an innovative brand that makes moving around, fun, and entertaining. The bike unfolds in seconds and is incredibly lightweight. With the world’s most compact and lightweight e-bike, you get to enjoy carrying your micro-mobility whenever and wherever you go.

Perfect for: technology heads.

The Superstrata is the world’s first true unibody, custom 3D-printed carbon-fibre e-bike. With only a limited run of 500 units, Superstrata is set to be one of the most highly anticipated launches ever. Constructed from industrial-strength carbon fibre, the Superstrata is lighter than aluminium yet x5 stronger than titanium. Using advanced composite materials and innovative 3D-printing manufacturing, every unit is custom-built for customers according to their size and riding styles.