Selfridges stocks Sweet Freedom sugar alternative

Sweet Freedom: listing in Selfridges

Sweet Freedom: listing in Selfridges

Sugar alternative, Sweet Freedom, has won a listing in Selfridges.

Sweet Freedom is made from 100% fruit – apples, grapes and carob – with no added colour, flavour or preservatives. 

According to the company, it is ideal used in place of sugar for sweetening tea, coffee, cocoa, smoothies, porridge, cereal; and for replacing sugar and syrups for healthier cooking and baking.  

It’s also said to be popular for drizzling over pancakes.

It contains 25% fewer calories than granulated sugar and has a low GL (Glycaemic Load), which means it gives a more sustained energy release. The company claims this makes it an ideal choice for all the family including dieters and diabetics.  

Founders Tina Michelucci and Deborah Pyner said: “We have regular emails from mums saying their kids ate all their porridge up for the first time with Sweet Freedom on it and they much prefer it to the taste of honey.  

“We are thrilled it’s now available in Selfridges as we’re often asked if they stock it whilst at the foodie shows in London. As it’s a syrup it’s also very versatile and the drip free cap makes it clean and mess free to use.”

As well as Selfridges, Sweet Freedom is stocked in Tesco, Waitrose, Ocado, Holland & Barrett, Booths, Whole Foods Market and health food stores nationally.