SellerDeck ties up with PayPal to host e-commerce conference for SMEs


SellerDeck (, a leading UK provider of e-commerce and EPOS software to SMEs, will host its E-commerce Horizons Conference sponsored by PayPal on 17 October 2012, the company has announced.

Speakers include e-commerce and social media guru Thomas Power, the chairman of business network Ecademy, who’ll be looking at the future of social media technologies in ecommerce and their relevance to small and medium sized businesses.

A keynote speaker from PayPal UK will be talking about the future of payment processing and its implications for online merchants and their customers. Other themes for discussion at the SellerDeck E-commerce Horizons Conference will include pay-per-click advertising, successful web design and consumers’ online purchasing behaviours.

SellerDeck will also reveal the results of its annual E-commerce Survey on the day, and there will be an opportunity to get an introduction to SellerDeck 2013 – formerly known as SellerDeck v12 – which is due to be released later this year.

“SellerDeck’s Ecommerce Horizons Conference will once again provide SellerDeck partners with valuable insights into the latest developments in online and multichannel retail, helping them become more successful,” said Ben Dyer, CEO of SellerDeck. 

“We want the event to be a dialogue between SellerDeck and our customers so there will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions to speakers, breakout sessions and workshops – as well as the chance to see our new platform, SellerDeck 2013. Attendees can also book one-on-one support sessions as well, making it a truly hands-on event,” Dyer said.

The SellerDeck E-commerce Horizons Conference will take place on Wednesday 17 October 2012 at PayPal’s Richmond offices.

Tickets cost £100 plus VAT and are limited to two per company. Discounted tickets costing £75 plus VAT are available to SellerDeck Cover/Developer subscribers. Spaces are limited so those wishing to attend should get their application in as early as possible.

To book tickets, please visit: