Seven ways for enhancing an agent’s performance

Photo credit: Image by Tumisu, from Pixabay  

Most established businesses rely on contact or call centres to handle customer interactions. Hence, it is essential that contact center agents provide excellent customer service as their overall performance directly influences their clients’ success. Whether you’re running an overseas contact centre or a call centre manager looking for strategies to boost agent experience in the UK, these seven strategies can help optimize your agents’ productivity and performance.

Invest in user-friendly technology

Over the years, technology has undeniably enhanced workplace productivity. However, some innovations can limit your agents’ efficiency and hinder their performance. Make sure that you utilize user-friendly innovations, systems, and applications. Your agents will be more motivated to perform more proficiently if they can confidently manage their tools independently. 

Utilize an efficient call-routing system

Poor call distribution can significantly impact your agents’ productivity as nothing frustrates them more than dealing with a customer’s request beyond their skill level. Investing in a well-designed ACD (automatic call distribution) technology will ensure that your customers receive appropriate help and enhance your agents’ call handling experience.

Create a healthy working environment

Employees are more likely to perform well if they feel secure in their workplace. Cultivate a healthy working environment where your agents can openly share with their colleagues and supervisors. Try to build genuine rapport with your agents and exert effort to know them individually. In addition, make sure that your office space is well-designed to encourage workplace wellness and increase your agents’ productivity. 

Provide regular training

With the influx of customer service technologies and strategies, you need to ensure that your agents can confidently carry out their tasks and resolve their customers’ concerns with minimal supervision. Providing your agents with continuous training can increase their job motivation, strengthen their skillset, and reduce your company’s attrition rate

Reward exceptional agents

Contact center agents tend to perform better if their efforts are properly acknowledged. Make it a point to reward agents who constantly deliver outstanding results. Discuss with your employee engagement department how to incorporate a healthy and effective rewards system in your company.

Solicit feedback

One of the easiest ways to ensure that your agents are satisfied with their jobs is to get their feedback. Encourage your team managers to provide regular coaching sessions with their agents. These discussions can serve as a platform where your agents can share suggestions on how the management can make their work tasks more manageable and enjoyable. By maintaining an open line of communication with your agents and addressing their concerns, they will feel more valued and driven to perform at their best. 

Share best practices

Another strategy to motivate your agents is by sharing bad and good customer service practices. Listening to calls with good practices can encourage good behavior while recognizing bad habits can hinder new agents from practicing them. Be mindful and objective when evaluating these calls during a group session, and avoid publicly calling out agents who routinely exhibit negative behaviours.

By following these strategies, you can effectively empower your agents and drive your business to success.