Sewell on the go looks to Polymer Logistics and the Marketplace Crate

Polymer Logistics has announced the implementation of a range of its retail-ready packaging (RRP) solutions by award winning “Sewell on the go”. Sewell, recent national winner of the prestigious Forecourt Trader of the Year Award, will initially deploy Polymer Logistics products at eight of their 12 convenience stores. The centrepiece of the implementation is the Marketplace crate. This attractive wood-effect plastic container from Polymer Logistics delivers a “farm fresh” look that catches the attention of customers and has been proven by other retailers to boost sales.


Wood effect crates create farm fresh appeal in-store

Marketplace crates provide an appealing alternative to the standard plastic containers, typically used without compromising any of the hygiene, cost effectiveness or environmental benefits associated with reusable packaging. They also offer a more long-lasting, sanitary and user-friendly experience than is possible with actual wood containers. Welcoming displays of products in Marketplace Crates will support Sewell’s commitment to freshness and overall customer engagement, providing an on the go shopping experience that is sure to resonate with shoppers.

To enhance the appearance of its merchandise, ‘Sewell on the go’ has also chosen Polymer Logistics’ Marketplace Display – an easy-to-install display designed to support Marketplace Crates – and its Ambient and Produce Dynamic Shippers. These revolutionary “One-Touch” bins minimise replenishment costs and function as both an efficient transport container, as well as an attractive in-store display, featuring a rising floor that improves ergonomics.

For merchandise displayed on forecourts, ‘Sewell on the go’ has opted for plastic pallet solutions as better suited to resist adverse weather conditions. Polymer Logistics’ UDP Half Pallet and Cleanpal have been selected as a long lasting hygienic solution that cannot be matched by wood for both half and full pallet applications, due to its lightweight, moisture resistant and easy to clean properties.

Adrian Dale, managing director Polymer Logistics UK, stated: “With the appeal of wood and the functionality of plastic, the Marketplace crate has already proven to be highly successful for larger retail formats such as Carrefour and Walmart. We are delighted that ‘Sewell on the go’ recognises the potential of our flexible solutions for enhancing the convenience store shopping experience and boosting sales, while also eliminating the problems associated with wood pallets and containers.”