Shaken Udder achieves 96% availability in Sainsbury’s nationwide


It seems that Sainsbury’s customers just can’t get enough of Shaken Udder’s range of premium milkshakes, as the retail giant greatly increases its shelf space for the brand. Following the recent range review, Shaken Udder now commands 96% availability in Sainsbury’s stores across the country, as well as securing space for a selection of new products this autumn.

“This news is a major win for us as we were in Sainsbury’s ‘trial bay’ just three years ago and have grown in range and distribution every year since,” comments Jodie Farran, co-founder of Shaken Udder.

Alongside the stream of successes is a brand new listing for Shaken Udder’s recently launched sister brand, Shaken Other, its first plant based range of shakes. Shaken Other Strawberry and Chocolate flavours are available in selected Sainsbury’s stores from this month and appeal to the emerging and fast-growing flexitarian consumer base. Continues Jodie, “Shaken Other is an exciting new brand that sits perfectly alongside Shaken Udder, or as a standalone delicious range of dairy-free shakes that deliver uncompromising taste for anyone who can’t drink dairy, chooses not to, or just fancies a change.”

As part of the review, Sainsbury’s has also increased its listing for Uber Udder – the brand’s 750ml bottle format – to nearly 1,000 stores and introduced the Shaken Udder Strawberries & Clotted Cream flavour alongside Chocolush. “We have been seeing strong sales for Uber Udder over the last six months as people are buying sharing-sized shakes in bulk with their online or weekly shop. It’s excellent news for our loyal customers that Sainsbury’s has increased the flavours and the number of stores where Uber Udder is available,” adds Jodie.

“We’re excited to be commanding so much shelf space in Sainsbury’s and to be able to offer its customers a range of formats and products to appeal to as wide a demographic as possible,” Farran concludes.