Shopow: social shopping adds new dimension to e-commerce


Web users are discovering a more engaging way to shop, according to Shopow, a shopping search engine which allows people to share shopping tips with friends.

Social shopping involves the use of social networking to share recommendations, share discounts, post reviews and ask for advice on products before purchase. 

In an era when more shoppers favour online stores ahead of the high street, this trend provides the social element that has previously been missing in online shopping, says Shopow.

Shopow claims it empowers online shoppers, taps into the phenomenon of social shopping and is set to revolutionise the concept.  

The free site lets users follow friends and other shoppers; and personalises searches for products, reviews and answers. A Shopow shopper sees friends’ interactions with products, which takes trust and transparency to another level, says the company.

Shopow reports research has shown 49% of consumers already give shopping advice to others through social networking sites. It says it encourages this community activity and highlights friends’ experiences to create a powerful force in online shopping.

Other features include a personalised feed to help users keep abreast of trends, deals and shopping activity. 

Shopow’s members can also invite Facebook and Twitter friends to share reviews, ask and answer questions and spread the news when they find a great deal or a must have product using the Shopow Strike tool.  

Shopow claims it aggregates thousands of retailers and millions of products across all areas of consumer goods. 

Not only does this allow users to compare goods by criteria such as price, retailer, service and delivery, it also integrates various social functions so shoppers can find all the information they need to make the right decisions when buying online, says the company.

Shopow displays reviews, Q&As and strikes (shared bookmarks) that have already been collected around a product, so users will be able to gauge an opinion generated by other shoppers.  

Mike Harty, co-founder and COO of Shopow, said: “Shopow is set to become the Facebook of online shopping. It’s completely driven by the users and the reviews are trustworthy, particularly because you can see the opinions of your own friends. It allows you to buy in confidence at a price you can afford.”