Shopper counter, ShopperTrak, offers retailers new location-based reporting tool


A new shopper counting feature that allows retailers to count shoppers in each department or at various locations throughout the store is now available from ShopperTrak, a leading counter and analyser of retail foot traffic.

This enhancement to ShopperTrak’s existing managed service uses in-store location technology to help retailers make more informed decisions at store, department and product levels, the company said. The wireless technology is said to be both easy to install and adapt to ever-changing store merchandise displays.

Designed to collect shopper data from store level down to the precision of one square metre, the interior counting feature measures both the number of customers in the area (represented graphically with heat mapping) and shopper dwell time (the amount of time shoppers remain in one area), ShopperTrak said.

These insights, combined with the store’s anonymised foot-traffic data and conversion rates, help retailers fine-tune their observations about shopper engagement and make better business decisions, ShopperTrak claims.

Store managers, for example, can staff with greater precision by positioning employees in the areas with the highest shopper traffic. The new counting feature also allows them to adjust the merchandise mix, signage and store layout to encourage shopper engagement. Further, it enables them to measure marketing effectiveness at the department or product level.

“The enhanced managed service offers our customers powerful new insights into what is happening in their stores,” said ShopperTrak chief marketing officer Ed Marcheselli. “Retailers can define and measure in-store counting zones for a deeper understanding of shopper engagement and conversion — and serve customers better.”

n ShopperTrak has also launched a new reporting portal, which it claims makes it easy for retailers to find answers quickly to their most pressing questions regarding marketing and operations.

ShopperTrak’s enhanced web-based portal is said to simplify data management by providing users with rapid access to critical insights that can be tailored to each manager’s needs.