Shoppers developing rationing instinct, IGD ShopperVista research reveals

IGD: new shopper behaviours

IGD: new shopper behaviours

Shopper behaviour has fundamentally evolved and they have developed a new rationing instinct, according to the IGD’s ShopperVista research.

Speaking at the IGD’s Convenience Retailing 2012 event, Tim Maton, IGD shopper insight manager, revealed shoppers were dialling up new bahaviours such as taking items out of the trolley before the checkout or skipping a meal before the end of the month.

Further, when faced with an out of stock, 24% of shoppers will go without, rather than substitute or buy elsewhere.

“That’s a different dynamic to pre-economic crisis and makes availability in a convenience context all the more important,” said Maton.

Shopper loyalty is eroding, he said, and is harder to achieve with greater price transparency.

The grocery landscape has changed dramatically, said Maton.

“People are shopping around across store types and fascias and enjoying the adventure.

“They are shopping little and often and in some cases Lidl and often,” he said.

Maton said convenience stores could deliver for shoppers in three key ways: 

  • Become their angel of value
  • Become the home of localness 
  • Become their trusted friend

Maton said c-stores can help shoppers save money and become ‘their guardian’ by providing smaller pack sizes, for example.

The hunt for value is a dominant theme but shoppers are bombarded with offers. The smaller store has an advantage and can focus on fewer value messages, said Maton.

A connected shopper is also emerging and the grocery apps people want are those that help them save and make the experience more enjoyable such as mobile coupons.

Shoppers also want convenience retailing to be the home of localness.They have an appetite for locally-sourced food and expect to buy more in future, said Maton.

Shoppers also want convenience stores and their outlets to be their trusted friend, he said.

A third of convenience shoppers are satisfied with how stores are supporting their local communities but many shoppers are interested in how c-stores can supply new types of service such as parcel pick up, home delivery and click and collect.