Shoppers in Wakefield spend least amount on breakfast in coffee shops and cafes, Worldpay finds

Brits are turning to caffeine and croissants to fuel their way through the daily grind, according to Worldpay. Data from the payments processor reveals the secret to ensuring a hassle-free breakfast run, offering a city-by-city guide to beating the queues and avoid being latte to work.

According to Worldpay’s analysis of consumer spending data in cities across the UK, the busiest time for commuters to buy their brew is 8:54am, at which point card transactions in coffee shops and cafes hit their peak each morning. Customers are turning to technology to speed up their caffeine rush with 85% of all transactions being made via contactless.

The data revealed significant variations across regions, with the “Breakfast Rush” differing by as much as three and a half hours up and down the UK. Britain’s earliest birds can be found in Luton, where breakfast purchases peak at 6:36am, while workers in Wigan appear to have a more leisurely start to their day, with coffee shops and cafés filling up at 9:58am.

Worldpay has also spilled the beans on how much commuters are prepared to spend on the most important meal of the day. According to the analysis, consumers are spending on average £4.44 per morning. Those living in Wakefield are the thriftiest in the nation, managing to keep their morning caffeine fix to a mere £2.24. But the residents of Harrogate are spending almost triple the national average at a steep £11.09 per morning. Surprisingly, Londoners spend below average on their morning treats, choosing to visit their local coffee shops at 9:00am with average transactions of just £4.14.

Top 5 Biggest Spenders Top 5 Lowest Spenders
Harrogate – £11.09 Wakefield £2.24
Eastbourne – £10.92 Bolton – £2.52
Chester – £9.81 Edinburgh – £2.53
Stroud – £7.67 Peterborough – £2.79
Warrington – £7.65 Brighton – £3.42

Steve Newton, executive vice president at Worldpay, comments: “Our data suggests that Brits are very much creatures of habit, particularly when it comes to their morning routine, so our guide is a must-have for anyone looking to avoid the “Breakfast Rush” in their region. Being asked to wait in line for five minutes is too much to bear for more than three quarters of consumers,[1] so anything that speeds up the morning commute, including a quick and hassle-free breakfast run, will win some major brownie points with your customers.

Long queues can be stressful for time-poor commuters, so savvy business owners should be implementing efficient queue-cutting technologies like contactless payments, mobile wallets and loyalty apps to allow for a seamless start to the day.”