Shoppers set to increase online spend after initial in-store excitement, claims Klarna

Klarna, the leading global banking, payments and shopping service, has released the first in an ongoing series of quarterly global shopping trend reports.  

Klarna’s Shopping Pulse found that despite initial excitement following the end of lockdown, the majority of UK shoppers (62%) expect to do most of their shopping online in a year’s time. The quarterly global report, looking at changes in consumer shopping habits and expectations for the future, also found that, if forced to choose between only shopping online or in-store, over half (57%)* of UK shoppers would choose to give up the physical experience in favour of online.

UK shoppers were, alongside the Dutch, the most affected by lockdown restrictions. 80% reduced their shopping in physical stores due to restrictions. UK shoppers head online most often compared to other countries, with nearly two in five (37%) currently shopping online at least once a week. The UK also has the lowest rate of people who expect to make the majority of their grocery purchases in physical stores a year from now.

Alex Marsh, Head of Klarna UK, commented: “UK shoppers are clearly embracing the in-store shopping experience as lockdown measures lift, bringing a welcome boost to the high street.. At the same time it is evident that new habits have formed and, while physical stores will always play a vital role for consumers, the large majority of UK shoppers believe they will turn online for most of their purchases in a year’s time.”