Shoppers switch to Kanzi apples following marketing campagin in Tesco and Sainsbury’s stores


Seven out of every 10 shoppers switched to Kanzi apples as part of a powerful integrated marketing campaign that recently saw the international apple brand tour UK supermarkets and shopping centres with its Big Switch. 

Around 3,600 shoppers sampled Kanzi apples during the exciting experiential campaign which took place at Tesco and Sainsbury’s stores in and around London. Seventy per cent of people who sampled Kanzi went on to press the Big Switch, highlighting that UK consumers love the refreshing bite and uniquely balanced sweet-tart flavour of Kanzi.

Alongside the experiential activity, Kanzi also invested heavily in digital media, PR, influencer marketing and a fantastic social media competition to win a trip to the Big Apple. 

Dietmar Bahler, variety manager Kanzi Worldwide, says: “Through this exciting campaign we set out to introduce thousands of new consumers to the power of great taste. We are absolutely delighted that the overwhelming majority of shoppers who sampled our apples pressed the Big Switch and told us they prefer the well-balanced sweet and sour flavour of Kanzi to their usual apple variety. These results and the increased awareness we have generated send a very clear message to any retailers that aren’t already listing Kanzi to stock up and get a big bite of sales.”  

Look out for further exciting news and activity from Kanzi during 2020.

Kanzi apples are currently sold through Tesco, Sainsbury’s and other leading stores across the UK.