ShopperTrak enhances shopper and retail analytics tools

ShopperTrak, a leading global provider of insights into shopper behaviour and retail analytics, today announced it has added four capabilities to ShopperTrak Insights, an intelligent analytics reporting service for retailers around the world. 

The enhanced functionality includes single sign-on, multi-language, multi-currency, and marketing analysis, making retailers’ use of the solution the most effortless yet, the company claims.

  •  Single sign-on – ShopperTrak Insights seamlessly integrates with the existing systems of its customers, so data reports and insights link effortlessly with the customer’s current suite of applications. In addition, ShopperTrak can package and deliver its reports via API (application programming interface) in multiple rendering variations, with the customer choosing the preferred format

“ShopperTrak has created a way for retail field managers and corporate personnel to seamlessly move between their paradigm and ours,” said ShopperTrak chief product officer Chetan Ghai. 

“ShopperTrak Insights co-ordinates with our customers’ existing systems to make it painless and easy to view reports and take immediate action to improve profitability. The single sign-on is absolutely a unique advantage for retailers.”  

  • Multi-language – ShopperTrak Insights is now a global tool, available in any country, in any language
  • Multi-currency – ShopperTrak Insights supports every major currency in the world.  Data can be delivered in a variety of currencies to a retailer, with individual users being able to look at the currency of their choosing
  • Marketing analysis – with this new capability, retailers can easily integrate ShopperTrak Insights reports into their marketing calendars, on both global and local scales, said the company. After linking their calendars, customers can better understand their projects’ impact on traffic and sales patterns. Retailers can view campaigns throughout the year and gain visibility into specific lifts or declines in traffic year-over-year. The benefit of the marketing analysis functionality is it delivers the context around store performance, and offers true benchmarks to measure traffic and sales 

The company has also introduced a solution that integrates in-store (interior) shopper behavior with the leading perimeter analytics through ShopperTrak Insights and a real-time reporting tool to measure traffic and sales information real-time across a network of stores.

The integrated reporting platform allows customers to link store performance metrics from Interior Analytics with their three profit pillars of traffic, conversion and average transaction size (ATS) to first understand the reasons behind sales fluctuations and then take action to alter customer behaviour to seize in-store opportunities, ultimately increasing sales.