Sibberi’s unsweetened Birch Water launches in UK stores in London and South East


Sibberi ( is an all-new natural food brand that’s reported to be shaking up the burgeoning alternative water market with its natural, unsweetened Birch water. The brand has launched into As Nature Intended, Partridges, Amazon and a raft of independent food stores across London and the South East. Containing only pure birch sap, collected drop by drop fresh from mature silver birch trees, Sibberi is said to be an ideal choice for a revitalizing and cleansing pick-me-up.

With a thirst for alternative waters, Britons are reported to be lapping up the latest products in the alternative water market: coconut water sales have increased to £100m annually whilst maple water and even cactus and artichoke waters steadily grow in popularity. With endorsements from health professionals, top athletes and models, birch water is tipped to be the next big success story as we increasingly buy into nutritious, low calorie drinks directly extracted from plants and drunk as is.

Birch water has long been favoured across Nordic folk cultures as a spring tonic to rejuvenate the body and soul after a long, harsh winter. Birch water tastes a little sweet – from naturally occurring xylitol – and beautifully crisp, with a delightful aftertaste of the forest. A rare and prized ingredient, birch sap can only be harvested during the first two weeks of April, when the nutrients stored in the roots travel through the thawing tree to swell the buds to bloom.

Sibberi works with farmers to tap silver birch groves nestled deep in the wilds of Eastern Europe, where the soil and weather is just right to produce the delicious, naturally sweet, nutritionally-rich sap that goes into each bottle. Five litres of sap is collected drop by drop from each mature birch tree, a mere 1% of the total sap produced per tree, the tap is plugged so that Sibberi can guarantee that no trees are damaged during the sap harvest.

A longstanding Scandi beauty secret, birch water has an ever-expanding list of health and beauty benefits. Sibberi is naturally diuretic making it a powerful cleansing and cellulite reduction aid. It contains a mere 5 calories per 100ml (four times less than coconut water) and has a rich nutritional profile, boasting high levels of electrolytes, potassium as well as vitamins B and C.

Moreover, Sibberi contains naturally occurring Xylitol, Saponin and Betuloside, which are proven to help strengthen teeth, lower cholesterol and detoxify the body.

Sibberi retails at £3.30 per 300ml bottle.